… And your holiday budget will experience an upswing

The idea of Vacation4you

The times when you could finance a great holiday with the interest on your savings are long gone.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could still improve something with the holiday budget at least in a way? That is exactly what we do for our members in our Vacation4you community!

We will like to fill the holiday budget a little, so that you can maybe spend the long-awaited luxury holiday in a three-star hotel.

Holidays are the best time of year ....


Just sit back and relax. Holidays offer a perfect time to experience the art of living in the present. Enjoying the sunset on the beach. In the city with a nice cup of coffee watching the bustle and hustle or feel the fresh air in the mountains! Holidays are the short radiant breaks that we anticipate for months and remember for years.

Everyone makes the holidays he deserves. With Vacation4you, a very special community ensures that your holiday budget for the most beautiful time of the year will experience an additional boost. We make sure that you earn an even better holiday.

Learn more about your membership now...

Your benefits with Vacation4you


  • Up to 25% discount on selected villas and apartment
  • You get money for an extra holiday
  • You decide the membership fee yourself (according to your options)
  • You also earn credit by recruiting new members
  • Referral Bonus up to the third level. ( 18% )
  • Your new credit is available on a monthly basis
  • Multiple placements (member cards) possible with the same mail address
  • You can choose different payment method (Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payza, ADV Cash, bank account in preparation) with credit card acceptance etc.
  • You will benefit from reputable, statutory alternative investments with above average returns

Your benefits with Vacation4you

  • Additional Accounts are automatically placed in their own family tree
  • SSL secured website
  • Biannual bonus cards for our members
  • Vacation Club Members can cancel their membership and get back the club dues.
    (disbursed Referral Bonus will be charged)
  • You get discounts and coupons exclusively for members (planned)
  • You can shop in the online store (planned)

We Accept

  • adv
  • btc
  • payeer
  • payza
  • pm
  • ba