About Vacation4you LLC

Vacation4you is an international initiative that was founded on a startup basis by people in Europe who have discovered their roots and their passion for the USA. They drew attention to rewarding alternative investments in the United States.

It unites two souls: the American, entrepreneurial and the European, holiday joyful soul. The idea for the Vacation Club also emerged against this background. Vacation4you is a modern community that brings together the desire for holidays and clever, serious investments to improve the members’ holiday budget. This is our own interpretation of the Web 2.0 society.

The StartUp is based in the U.S state of Wyoming and is sponsored by the Swiss, Charly Horat as a marketing and sales partner. Vacation4you is based on trust and responsibility towards the members, so that their holidays can be fulfilled. All members can benefit from this initiative to the extent that their own financial ability permits. This community allow the platform to enable every member to have financial benefits with the power of the community.

How is that even possible?


We have set ourselves the goal of improving the holiday budget of our members of the Vacation Club. To this end, we work together with an expert on alternative investments to invest a portion of the membership dues in deferred tax liabilities of U.S citizens, which we initially acquire across the US counties.

The secret: If they can pay their tax liabilities later, they pay them back to us with a statutory surcharge of 8 to 36%. If they can no longer pay for them, their real estate falls back to us; which is worth many time the tax liabilities.

We pass on the profit from it to our members. Thus everyone benefits from this model which is officially offered by U.S-counties and is therefore absolutely legitimate. Each member can thus take part in this clever investment and improve his vacation budget.