Idea and vision

How the Vacation Club works?

There are different memberships from the Bronze member to the Platinum member in our Vacation4you Vacation Club. The membership fee which lies between 400.- and 4,000.- USD and the expected benefits differ accordingly. The higher the status, the greater the rewards. However, everyone can take part depending on their financial ability.

You benefit either through the membership fee of the Vacation Club or by recruiting new members. The way in which you collect bonus points also have a positive impact on your own holiday budget.

Please understand that no higher membership fee is possible beyond the Platinum status even if this would be appealing because of the expected financial benefits. Additional credits can be earned by recruiting new members or buying several placements in our platform.

How you will benefit from Vacation4you?

Every month, the Club Coins earned through the membership status or the recruitment of new members can be retrieved. This is done via a MasterCard on a prepaid basis or through alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin, Payeer, ADV Cash, Payza or Perfect Money.

This means that the new credit is virtually available at any time on demand! So you can for example book the next holiday, go shopping during the holidays or fulfill entirely different wishes independent of a vacation.


As a Platinum member, the membership fee is 4,000 USD. For this you, get an additional 400 Club Coins annually which corresponds 1: 1 to an amount of 400 USD. This 400 USD can be retrieved every year for your own holiday or for other purchases.

In addition, it is possible to accumulate more Club Coins by recruiting new members to the Vacation Club. If you recruit another Platinum member, you can flush up to 1050 Club Coins into your holiday budget.
And so you can become a member